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Fine Robusta Coffee

Fine Robusta Coffee

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Discover the robust essence of Bao Loc - Lam Dong as you delve into the world of our Fine Robusta Vietnamese coffee. Flourishing in the serene surroundings, our Robusta coffee beans are meticulously handpicked at the peak of ripeness. Through a specialized fermentation process known as Winey Natural, the coffee cherries undergo a transformative journey within an airtight container, carefully regulated for temperature. This method accentuates the distinctive characters of the Bao Loc cherries, crafting an intriguing profile that seamlessly blends the deep richness of caramel with subtle hints of cocoa and almond. The result is a remarkable Q-certified robusta rating of 84, delivering a sensory experience that embodies the finest qualities of Vietnamese coffee craftsmanship.

Flavor Notes
Caramel, cocoa, almond

Future Coffee Farm, Bao Loc, Viet Nam, 2024 harvest

Processing Method
Winey Natural

Roast Level
Medium dark

Robusta coffee beans

Brewing Notes
3 tbsp (15g) for every 8 oz water. Brew at 195ºF for 1-5 minutes. Add a couple of teaspoons of condense milk for a Vietnamese style Ca Phe Sua experience.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kenny Nguyen

This coffee is one of my favorites(I drink it almost every day now :,)). Highly recommended. It's also ethically sourced AND for a good cause, Creo is awesome.

Tu Nguyen
Great service

Shipment was received on time and very clean…

Best cup of Viet coffee

Before you even brew the coffee, you can smell the depth and richness of this coffee. Once brewed, the caramelized nutty goodness comes through even more and you'll wonder why you ever drank mediocre coffee. Add some condensed milk and it will hands down be the best cup of ca phe sua da you've ever had!